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"Innovation: the evolution of chemical R&D" in IHS Chemical Week
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Media Coverage

Borrowing from pastry chefs, engineers create nanolayered composites 
MIT News
July 21, 2016
"This paper describes a rather unique and creative way to make composites using large area graphene films,” says Angelos Kyrlidis, research and development manager for graphenes at Cabot Corporation. “This work assembles the composites from chemical vapor deposition graphene, where a very high aspect ratio can be obtained, while still maintaining many of the features and properties of the single layer graphene."

Cabot plans to add tech center in Shanghai 
Rubber & Plastics News
July 20, 2016
"Cabot Corp. will add a new application innovation laboratory in Shanghai to create a more innovative, faster and efficient operation in Asia."

New CEO: Cabot back on growth path
Rubber & Plastics News
April 18, 2016
"Opportunities are plentiful for advanced materials to address global trends such as better energy efficiency and overall sustainability."

Cabot shifts management
Chemical Week
April 12, 2016
"Cabot Corp. (Boston) has named Hobart Kalkstein senior v.p. and president/reinforcement materials, effective immediately."

Eye on excipients
Tablets & Capsules
April 2016
"This edition of the column – a follow-up to John McCarthy’s three-part series on using silica in pharmaceutical solid dosage forms – focuses on CAB-O-SIL M-5P fumed silica."

Cabot names new CEO
European Rubber Journal
March 15, 2016
"Patrick Prevost has stepped down as president and chief executive officer of Cabot Corp. after eight years, the company announced 14 March. The board of directors has appointed Sean Keohane to take over the positions and to be a member of the board of directors."

The need for purification is increasing
Chemie Magazine
February 2016
"The increasing concern for the environment, human health, and the growing population needing access to better water, food and beverages and medicines, drives the demand for purification."

Cesium/potassium Formate Fluids Are Clearly Faster Than OBM
Exploration & Production Magazine
January 4, 2016
"Compared to OBM, formate drilling fluids gave net ROP improvements of 74%, 38% and 68% for HP/HT platform wells, HP/HT subsea wells and non-HP/HT subsea wells, respectively."

Analysis: Black and greener
European Rubber Journal
November 23, 2015
"Building long-term collaborations with customers will be key to garnering new insights and ideas and commercialising new materials."

Carbon blacks get fit for the future
Compounding World
November 2015
George Haines, global segment manager at Cabot says: "We believe we now offer the broadest range of specialty carbon blacks that are certified to facilitate compliance with the new REACH requirements."

Commercializing graphene solutions for composites and batteries
Printed Electronics World
July 7, 2015
"Cabot has invested in the development of technologies for the production and use of graphenes by establishing a team that is focused on leveraging the company's experience in carbon materials to deliver graphene solutions that can break trade-offs for our customers and deliver unique performance."

Market changes, growth spur upgrades for Cabot
Rubber & Plastics News
April 21, 2015
"Cabot Corporation has been building and improving its rubber carbon black operations regularly for the last several years. The result is no matter what comes along it can react quickly to handle changes."

Take charge: new technologies for electrically conductive plastics
Compounding World
April 2015
"Cabot says that, in addition to using carbon black to deliver its CABELEC® conductive compounds and concentrates, its R&D team is also testing other additives, such as graphene, to improve both electrical and thermal conductivity."

2015 Plan sponsors of the year finalists – Cabot Corporation
March 2015
"This two-year process began with employee focus groups, which led the redesign committee to come up with three 'guiding principles' for Cabot’s retirement benefits: simplicity, both in terms of participant understanding and plan administration; competitive positioning and cost-effectiveness; and shared responsibility for retirement readiness between Cabot and its employees."

Dragline gets new lease on life
Coal Age
March 18, 2015
"Cabot Corp. and North American Coal Co. (NA Coal), in partnership with the mining division of industrial construction and fabrication firm CCC Group, has done just that with a 7.5-million-lb dragline."

Bromine comes to the rescue for mercury power plant emissions
Chemical & Engineering News
March 16, 2015
"Cabot promotes activated carbon that incorporates both lower amounts of and a more benign bromine chemistry."

Supply chain transformation
Supply Chain World
Spring 2015
"Our customers’ businesses depend on high-performance products and services. They need a reliable partner who can provide them with solutions that solve their unique challenges and deliver concrete results."

Cool things down with conductive compounds
Compounding World 
February 2015
"Dr. Angelos Kyrlidis, principal scientist at [Cabot], discussed initial findings during his presentation on thermally and electrically conductive additives at the Compounding World Forum 2014 in Philadelphia last December. He said that 'breakthrough' performance – not only in conductivities, but also mechanical properties – is possible with graphenes at loadings of under 1%."

Flexible composites = Innovative structures
Advanced Textiles Source 
January 2015
"One early market innovation was Birdair Inc.'s Tensotherm™, introduced in 2006 and increasingly in demand. The product—developed jointly by Birdair, Cabot Corp. and Geiger Engineering—sandwiches layers of translucent PTFE-glass fiber fabric with a core of Lumira™ aerogel by Cabot that is designed to transmit light while increasing insulation values."

Cabot unveils coal mining operation near Marshall 
Longview News-Journal
November 4, 2014
"A coal mine opened in East Texas that will generate about 40 new jobs as it provides a product in increasing demand by U.S. companies that burn coal to generate electricity."

Understanding the role of fumed silica in adhesives and sealants formulations
Adhesives & Sealants Industry Magazine 
September 2014
"Formulators use particles to enhance the functionality of existing polymer matrices for adhesive and sealant products. Fumed silica is commonly used as a rheology control additive to provide sag resistance, anti-settling of fillers and shear-thinning viscosity."

Miner keeps close watch on cesium underground: On top of what's below
Canadian Mining
August 1, 2014
"Cesium formate brines are naturally very heavy and with no solids in the fluids so the risk of losing well stability and control is much reduced. As a result, there have been no well control safety incidents in over 150 deep gas well operations using cesium formate brines."

Special report: Cabot - A passion to innovate
ICIS Chemical Business
June 2, 2014
"Innovation has played and will continue to play a critical role in the company's success, says Cabot president and CEO Patrick Provost. 'Without leadership, innovation and knowledge, a company is aimless and will disappear. Technology is the foundation of a chemical enterprise and we need strong leadership market positions in our portfolio to achieve superior returns and a sustainable enterprise.'"

Cabot on move again, plans service center in Latvia
Rubber & Plastics News
May 8, 2014
"Creating the new center in Riga will enable the company to offer the highest quality of service at the most competitive cost. "Riga has a deep talent pool, a strong IT and communications infrastructure, a growing services sector and considerable cost advantages.'"

Maximizing return on development to meet commitments
CIO Review
March 2014
"Innovation is inherently an entrepreneurial endeavor; however, it needs some structure around the process. At Cabot we have a formal stage-gate idea-to-launch system that is the industry standard for managing new product innovation excellence. Using this approach allows us to improve the quality, speed, and profitability of our new product projects while reducing the risk of failure."

Experts weigh in on additives market and water-based coatings
Coatings World
January 15, 2014
"According to Benjamin Dupnik, global segment manager, coatings, Cabot Corp., water-based coatings represent the majority of architectural coatings and continue to slowly gain share in traditionally solvent-based applications such as automotive and industrial coatings. For applications where coatings are applied in the field, one of the most important environmental requirements is VOC reduction."